Education Should Be Free For A Developed Country

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The main purpose of education is to improve people’s consciousness and life, but if a person does not have the access to achieve this basic purpose, how can he lead a better life in these conditions, as we know that the world is currently on the moon? They are thinking of settling down and moving towards development, but in poor countries like Pakistan, access to education has become impossible due to a lack of resources and numerous corruption and frivolous rulers.
As we know that children are considered the treasure of the country and they are considered the source of future development, but if they are not provided with education and basic facilities, this future treasure can be lost. There are countries that provide free education and basic facilities to children so that they can study well and lead better life.

Education Should Be Free For A Developed Country

It is clear that Pakistan is currently going through the worst trend of inflation and food and drink are not being provided to the people. In these circumstances, if a child sees the conditions in his home and thinks about how he can complete his education where there is no money for food and drink, then this causes him to suffer mental stress. Because they don’t study properly and always think of hard work which is not very good for their education and future.

When these children are provided with free education, they will be completely relieved and in a sense excited that they are being given free education and now they can continue their education with comfort and satisfaction. They will not have to face inflation and other problems that used to destroy their peace of mind. If we review Pakistan compared to the rest of the world, we will find that there is more emphasis on labor than the education of children because their parents cannot bear the burden of education in this era of inflation.
If the government and people want Pakistan to develop and become a hub of scientists and good doctors in the coming years, then first of all free education should be ensured for children and their peace of mind should be prioritized. Which has been destroyed due to inflation and corruption.
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Mahnoor Qasim

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