PUBG Mobile version 1.9 Update What’s New Changing in Game

PUBG MOBILE is planning to update the game on March 16 at 11:00 (UTC+0). To make sure the update process goes smoothly, please try to be in a good network environment and have enough space available on your device.

PUBG Mobile version 1.9 Update What’s New Changing in Game

quick and smooth update you must keep your mobile device in a good network environment while also making sure you have enough available storage to accommodate this download.

PUBG Mobile 4th Anniversary

The 4th Anniversary Celebration is here and there’s never been a better time to celebrate with our favorite game than now! Join us in the festivities crew because the enjoyment doesn’t end at Spawn Island – the mode selection screen is sporting a colorful, festive festival vibe this time around too!

Aerial Battleground

A brand new aerial battlefield is now open to players, featuring colorful helms to gain temporary flight and exciting activities such as rooftop battles and small-scale team-fighting, so take a look for yourself! The all-new Aerial Battleground will only be available in the first five minutes of a match, so make sure to jump aboard.

PUBG Mobile Update Colorful Bicycles

Use the Bicycles on the map. These are foldable, one-person bikes that allow you to cover greater distances more quickly; they do not need to be refueled like the other vehicles and cannot be destroyed in any fashion whatsoever.

PUBG Mobile Map Improvements

We’ve made a lot of big changes to the military base that’s attached to the airport of Erangel. First, we’ve widened the size of the bridge leading up to it, so it shouldn’t be as hard for players to get inside now. Second, we’ve added more cover for snipers on the other buildings surrounding the area. We wanted players who were heading here to have a better chance at taking down people from a distance since shooting from planes is no longer possible. The third big change we made was adding walkways that go across the perimeter of this area. These will provide more opportunities for people looking to hide and ambush others while they’re coming in through various points along the bridge!

PUBG Mobile Cheer Park Upgrade

Cheer Park has undergone a massive redesign and it now features a completely brand new look! Play now and enjoy more fun and excitement! – New racing gameplay: Race with up to two friends simultaneously in a variety of different vehicles. – Shooting Range moved indoors: Each player will have their own room when training in the Shooting Range so that players won’t be interrupted or disturbed by other players. – New hoverboard platforms, viewing platforms, and other great places to spend time at Cheer Park!

Added new holiday-themed gameplay achievements. Complete missions to get exclusive limited-time achievements!

– Adjusted the display of the MVP screen and friend screen in some modes.

– Added a feature to view the status of progress missions and collect rewards from the mission result panel in The Pantheon’s Progress Missions system.

– Added information about recently added point-scoring rules to the results screen. ​ ​

– Improved the jump logic to make jumping more responsive.

Improved the firearm firing process to make firing smoother in Aftermath.
– Fixed an issue that caused frame rate instability when using 90FPS high frame rate on some Qualcomm Snapdragon chip devices. and More Bug Fixes in the Game.

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