Scrabble Enthusiasm In Pakistan

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scrabble game in pakistan

Pakistan is chiefly progressing as the vital force in the sports and one of these sports is scrabbled.

The world scrabbles championship 2019 which has just been concluded in Torquay London is the reflection of eminent sporting skills of the nation. London which was prolifically staged as the center stage of this spectacular event was completely glimmered with the high tactical skills of the Pakistani scrabble players. 

Pakistan which is well known for fiercely competitive scrabble field is now on the top of the scrabble world and the most astonishing fact about that event was the admirable performance of the young scrabble king a 14-year-old SYED IMMAD ALI who annihilated the entire youth division with his outstanding tactical skills and incredible vocab power. IMMAD who is just 14 years old has not only dominated the entire youth division but he also stunned the top division players by thrashing them with massive defeats. 

Pakistan is currently dominating the international scrabble scene with sheer girth and overwhelming vocab one has to be a wonder to believe that the teenage scrabble players in Pakistan are creating sensation all over the world.

The Pakistani youth players are amongst the most fiercely competitive scrabble players in the world and they are currently leading the globular scrabble circuit with the sheer girth. 

World scrabble championship 2019 was undoubtedly the greatest moment in the history of Pakistan scrabble as the young scrabble prodigy SYED IMMAD ALI of Pakistan not only dominated the entire championship but the main talk about point arises when the 13-year-old IMMAD reaching the quarter-final of the world scrabble championship and most surprisingly he was up against one of the best players in the history of scrabble videlicet (namely) greatest of all time (Nigel Richards ) IMMAD took Nigel to the limit by beating him in the first round, however, NIGEL overcome the young scrabble prodigy by defeating him in the next two rounds but this effort was undoubtedly the greatest effort by any scrabble player of that naive age. 

The sheer scrabble scene in Pakistan is increasing day by day and it seems like Pakistan is on the brink of winning the world scrabble championship very soon.

The recent scrabble scene here in Pakistan absolutely a treat to watch with the increasing number of talented players and there is no doubt in this fact that Pakistan is on the verge of sporting greatness.

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