Traffic Calamities in Karachi

Traffic Calamities in Karachi

Karachi is popularly known as one of the most hustling and bustling cities in the world. With a magnanimous reputation in high-class luxury hotels and playgrounds, it is also known as the house of traffic calamities. 

The tragic traffic of Karachi has become one of the major crucifixions of concern for the entire city. Almost every next day a huge slump in the traffic jam is being seen in different parts of the city.

The glittering of lights is of no value when they collide with the worst traffic conditions. Recently on February 22, 2020, a huge traffic jam perplexed the entire city with an enormous traffic jam. As for this date when an important cricket match was taking place between two highly admired cricket teams.

All of a sudden the slumping traffic jam convulsed the busy city of Karachi in which people suffered a lot of significant problems. The most perplexing issue during the time of traffic jams in any city or anywhere is life risk and it happens how?. When a major traffic influx blocks the entire road of a major city like Karachi it then creates huge barriers in the path of pedestrians as well as for the drivers all around. 

A major Chaos takes place when a patient has been shifting to a hospital and especially if someone is in a very critical condition. The entire road gets blocked and the helpless driver peers outside the ambulance for some way. The unending traffic jam sometimes causes even life and death but the concerned authorities do not have any vision and conscience to look into this matter. 

Traffic nuisance is an immensely major concern here in Pakistan and especially in Karachi. As Karachi is the 19 biggest city in the world so there is a massive requirement for the very responsible traffic controlling system. 

People from all around the globe visit Karachi for different purposes and there is no doubt that this megacity is on the brink of calamity and nuisance due to a very poor traffic controlling system. 

The traffic controlling authorities must not stupor over their duties for which they are being paid. It is a very important issue for all the citizens especially for the city Nazim to control these dire traffic jams especially when someone’s life is depending on it. 

Till today there is no serious step that has been taken to ensure the betterment of the traffic management here in Karachi but in the future, they should look into this task very sedately to ensure the safeguard of the citizens.

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