Zong Internet Packages – 3G/4G Daily, Weekly, and Monthly 2020

zong internet packages

Zong has reached a new milestone with more than 35 million active users.

Zong mainly focuses on customer needs by providing fast and Zong Internet Packages and other services.

Zong keeps on introducing new 4G Internet Bundles to let you stay connected with the World.

Zong is providing free Facebook and WhatsApp usage on 3G and 4G connection for its users.

Zong is one of the best mobile data company which offers multi internet bundles for its customers.

So, Let’s have a look at some of its fast and affordable Zong internet Offers and also learn how to subscribe to Zong 3G/4G Internet packages with few clicks in seconds.

Complete List of Zong 3G/4G Internet Packages:

Which Zong internet package meets your needs? How much internet data you need for a specific period?

Then you are at the right place because Zong is offering convenient 3G Internet Packages and 4G Internet Packages for its users.

Zong is providing four different internet packages for its prepaid users.

Zong facilitates its customers with affordable and fast mobile data packages that include Zong daily Internet Packages, Zong Weekly Internet Packages, Zong Monthly Internet Packages, and Zong Social data Internet Bundles.

Let’s have look at each of the Zong Internet Bundles.

Zong Daily Internet Packages

How much Zong internet data do you need for 1 day?

Zong provides a variety of amazing Daily 4G Zong Internet Packages at affordable prices, So activate your required package and start browsing and streaming.

PackagesPriceActivation CodeDataValidity
Daily Basic Rs. 17+Tax *6464# 100 MB Internet 1 Day
Daily Data Max Rs. 38+Tax *6464# 500 MB Internet Data + 500 MB YouTube 1 Day
Daytime Offer Rs. 16+Tax *6464# 1200 MB Internet 1 Day (Applicable from 4am to 7pm)
Good Night Offer Rs. 16+Tax *6464# 2.5 GB Internet 1 Day (Applicable from 1am to 9am)

Zong Weekly Internet Packages

Do you need unlimited Entertainment for the whole week? How much mobile data you need for the next 7 days?

Zong provides amazing and affordable internet packages for Youtube, Facebook Social Media, Reading Blogs and Reading Books, etc. So, subscribe to these Zong 3G/4G Weekly Internet Bundles.

PackagesPriceActivation CodeDataValidity
Super Weekly Rs. 123+Tax *6464# 2.5 GB Internet 7 Days
Super Weekly Plus Rs. 164+Tax *6464# 7 GB Internet 7 Days
Super Weekly Max Rs. 201+Tax *6464# 25 GB [10 GB + 5GB (4am – 4pm) + 10 GB Data for YouTube] 7 Days

Zong Monthly Internet Packages

How much Zong internet data do you need for the whole month? Do you want to be tensionless for the next 30 days?

So choose affordable and fast Zong 4G Monthly Internet Package from the options

PackagesPriceActivation CodeDataValidity
Monthly Mini 150 Rs. 50+Tax *6464# 150 MB Internet 30 Days
Monthly Basic 500 Rs. 150+Tax *6464# 500 MB Internet 30 Days
Monthly Premium 5GB Rs. 372+Tax *6464# 5 GB Internet 30 Days
Monthly Premium 30 GB Rs. 744+Tax *6464# 15 GB Flat Internet + 15 GB (YouTube and TikTok) 30 Days

Zong Content/Social Data Packages

Do you love streaming youtube and DailyMotion? Are you an active user of Social Media Platforms?

Then Congratulations, Zong is offering amazing and fast 3G and 4G Internet Packages for Social Media and streaming Youtube.

PackagesPriceActivation CodeDataValidity
Social Pack Rs. 10+Tax *6464# 100 MB Internet 1 Day
Offer Free Facebook Rs. 5+Tax *6464# 50 MB Internet 1 Day
Classified Pack (Daraz, Lamudi, Kaymu, PakWheels & Carmudi) Rs. 5+Tax *6464# 50 MB Internet 1 Day

Zong gives a variety of amazing and fast affordable Zong Internet Bundles for its users. So feel free to choose Zong Internet Packages according to your needs and desires with ease.

Note :

  • Dial *706# for data usage inquiry.
  • The default rate will be Rs.2.50+tax per MB without a subscribing package.
  • All prices are inclusive of Taxes.
  • All Whatsapp calls will be charged from data bucket resources.
  • All packages are valid for prepaid customers only.

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