7 Best Places to Visit in Murree

best places to visit in murree

best places to visit in murree If you are planning a trip with your family or with your friends to visit Murree, but you don’t know which places are going to be best for you, then you have landed on the correct page!

Sounds Interesting, right?

Yes, in this article I am going to share the 7 best places to visit in Murree which we listed later in this article. We can not compare one city with another one because each city has its own historical and adventurous places. Murree is a hilly side area which is famous for its beautiful weather and as compared to Lahore, one of the best and historical cities of Pakistan is famous for its Food Street, Badshahi Mosque, Shalimar Garden, etc. and there are a lot more best places to visit in Lahore. So without wasting more time, let’s toward the next section of the article…


Murree is the best city in Pakistan and is well-liked for its natural beauty and mountains. It was well known for the Queen of Hills during the British Raj Period, and if you are living in Islamabad, then you can easily reach within 40 minutes drive. Most of the tourists love to visit these places because of their beautiful weather and best picnic places. Every year thousands of people come not just from Pakistan but from all over the world. In months of winter, you will get snow everywhere, which gives you a pleasant look, and due to this reason, tourists from all over Pakistan, especially from sweltering heat areas, rush toward these places in order to enjoy and play in Snowfall. 

The name Murree is procured from the word “mar-hi ” which means “high place.” People from sweltering heat places like Lahore, Sindh, Hyderabad, Karachi, etc. planning their family trip to enjoy the Snowfall. Due to heavy snowfall, mountains are covered with Snowfall; best places to visit in murree also, the roads which are covered with snow attract every tourist toward it. Most importantly, clouds on the roads give such a breathtaking experience, which we can not explain by writing some words. Not only just the weather, but you can also visit some of the best places which we listed down. These places will give you another look at Murree, which you can not imagine. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started…

Best Places to Visit in Murree

The following are the checklist that we compiled after searching for hours and hours on the internet. So if you are planning a family trip, then don’t forget to check these places. 

  1. Mall Road
  2. Pindi Point
  3. Kashmir Point
  4. Nathia Gali
  5. Bhurban
  6. Patriata (New Murree)
  7. Ayubia

Let’s Discuss Each one in detail..!!

Mall Road

Mall Road is a famous spot in Murree. If you have come to visit Murree, then don’t forget to walk on this road. It is full of people in summer weather, and most of the people come in the winter season from the hottest places from all over Pakistan to enjoy the weather and snowfall. Besides, you will see different coffee and chips stalls on the roadside, which gives you the best experience, especially in the winter season. This street is one of the busiest streets which is full of tourists in every season. 

Most important, around 20 feet from the main road, you will get the main bazaar for shopping purposes. In this bazaar, you will get local handmade shawls, jewelry, Peshawari chappals, and also important toys and shoes. If you want to eat burgers and pizza, then Don’t worry, the best places to visit in Murree KFC pizza and burgers restaurants are also available. People love to eat and walk on this road because of the amazing weather. Roads full of lights and happy faces people will increase your trip experience. Just buy a cup of coffee or chai and watch people going by. Don’t forget to take pictures and videos whenever you are visiting the mall road. 

Pindi Point

Pindi is another best place to visit in Murree. The distance between the mall road and Pindi point is just 20 minutes on foot. This place is full of green mountains all across the whole valley, and you can also see Rawalpindi and Islamabad from these points via Chairlift. People take chairlift rides that take them down 1.5 km from Pindi Point to Bansara Gali. Moreover, you will get an amazing experience and can watch beautiful sceneries from Chairlift. Pindi Point has playgrounds for children where children are free to play and take a ride best places to visit in Murree. 

Besides, you will also get good restaurants in Pindi Point, so don’t worry about the quality of food. If you want to reach the Pindi Point chairlift, it will take around 1 hour and 30 minutes, and the total distance is around 63.1 km. But if you are coming from Murre, then you can easily reach within 15 minutes of the drive. If you visit this place in seasons time, then you will have difficulty finding parking for your car. Because in season, these places are full of thousands of people. But now, after the construction of KFC, you will easily get parking under this building

Kashmir Point

If you’re going to Kashmir Point from the mall road, then it’s almost 15 minutes away. best places to visit in Murree  No matter if you are going using a car or using a hiking method. This point is one of the highest points and from this point, you can easily see the beautiful mountains of Kashmir which increase the experience of people. Also, due to this reason, this point is called Kashmir Point. Kashmir Point is famous for its scenic views, beautiful waterfalls, green valleys, which are full of snow in winter seasons, and alpine villages also play an important role in its beauty. 

You will also get a big restaurant and hotel if you want to stay at Kashmir Point. best places to visit in Murree Most people who love soundless places prefer to stay here compared to mall roads. Its attractive environment, beautiful weather, and clouds on the roads are always captivating for the tourist. One of the popular places in Kashmir Point is Government House, which is located at the center of this point. Thousands of people from all over Pakistan come to see this house. So don’t forget to add this place if you are thinking about the best places to visit in Murree. 

Nathia Gali

Next, we added Nathaia Gali to our listicle, which is full of serenity. It is located between the center of Murree and Abbottabad and is one of the best places to enjoy the natural beauty with your family or friends. The total distance between Nathia Gali from Abbottabad and Murree is around 35 Km, and it is uplifted at an altitude of 8400ft, and because of this, most people prefer to stay here as compared to Murree. During the winter season, this place is also full of snow, which gives an attractive look to the tourists who are coming from the hottest places in Pakistan. 

Nathia Gali offers beautiful and scenic views in every season. On the left side, it gave a splendid view of snow-capped peaks of Kohistan and Kashmir, and on the right side, it was the Pothwar Plan. Both sides provide astonishing looks and views of the tourist. Most people preferred to stay at Nathia Gali as compared to Murree because of the high rates of hotels and restaurants. Because in Summer seasons, especially on Eid occasion, thousands of people start coming to these places. You can also see the mountains of Nanga Parbat from Nthia Gali in clear weather. 


Ayubia is also a great place if you are looking for the best places to visit in Murree. best places to visit in murree This place attracts thousands of tourists not from Pakistan but from all over the world. It has Ayubia National Park, which is located at the center of this point. This park contains playgrounds for children and also has different animals to entertain the tourists. You can also see some best food places at this point. This park is covered 3.312 acres to the northern mountain in 1998. The height of this park is around 1050, in the valley to 3027m in the mountains. This park is managed by the Parks Department of the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and wildlife.

best places to visit in Murree If you visit in the winter season, then the roads and mountains are full of snow. Ayubia was given the name of the second President of Pakistan Muhammad Ayu Khan. It also has a Chair lift, which also increases the experience of tourists. Ayubia contains different hill stations like Khanspur, Ghor Dhaka, Khairagali, etc. and the government is taking great measures in order to man this hill station with international standards. 

Patriata (New Murree)

Patriata or New Murree is about 15km away from the main Murree. best places to visit in murree This point is full of green trees and full of beautiful sceneries covered with snow mountains. This point is very famous for its chair lift rides. This chair lift gives you a pleasant look of all Murree and starts from Murree and ends at Patriata. This cable system ride is about 7km long, which helps you to enjoy every piece of the beauty of Murree land. Patriata is one of the best places to visit in Murree, but if you want to avoid the rush, then make sure you visit this place in the Summer season. If you visit this point in winter, then you need a long time in order to get tickets. Because in winter, people from all over Pakistan come to visit this place. 

If you visit Patriata in the winter season, then you will snow everywhere. The mountains and roads are full of snow, and also clouds on the road give you a pleasant feeling. But if you visit in the summer season, then you will see green scenery everywhere. So if you are a nature lover, then don’t forget to visit this place. 


Last but not least, Burban is another famous tourist place in Murree. Burban is situated at a distance of just 13 kilometers from Murree. It is situated between Kashmir Road and Murree and at a height of about 6000 feet. This place is one of the famous places because of its green scenery, and if you love greenery, then you need to visit this place. Its green landscapes, along with calmness, give you a pleasant and amazing look. Pearl Continental hotel is also another reason for its popularity. If you are looking for a serenity area to visit and stay in, then this place is a goldmine for you. It also has a hiking trail in Ayubia National Park, so if you have any interest in hiking, then you check it. best places to visit in Murree

Due to its popularity and beautiful scenery, Burban is also a populated area. Thousands of people from all over Pakistan come to see the green landscapes. These green landscapes are always a top choice for tourists. If you love to play golf, then you check the nine golf courses in Bhurban. This place is managed by Rawat Union Council, so if you have any problem, then you can complain to them. 

Final Thoughts

I hope after reading this article, best places to visit in Murree you know what the Best Places to Visit in Murree are. No doubt, Murree is one of the best places to visit in both the Summer and Winter seasons. In both seasons, this place is full of people. You can also visit Upper Topa and Lower Topa, Sozo Water park, Ghora Gali, if you have visited Murree. The government is also taking some important steps to increase tourist activities in hilly areas. So whenever you are planning a family or friends trip to visit Murree, then don’t forget to check these places.

Don’t forget to tell us which place you are going to visit first. Also, tell us when you are going to plan your trip to visit Murree via the comment section. We will be very glad to know your thoughts. 

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